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I photograph weddings, families and creative photo projects

in Vancouver, Canada and Vienna, Austria

My home is the world of photography and I help you find the perfect time and place to capture your special memories that will last you a lifetime and beyond.
Destination weddings, elopements, personal creative projects are all part of my photographic repertoire because truly all people are my delight and entertainment! You will see in my photography a reflection of the human spirit everywhere because my photographs show a taste and understanding of people from many cultures and religions and all walks of life. Everyone is welcome and I am excited to meet you!

Michael Buescher creative, wedding and family photographer.

Hello!I am Michael Buescher. 

What clients say

"From the very first meeting, we both knew we were going to love the end product Michael would be creating for us.

To us, Michael was very unique in that his work also involves film directing. Because his creativeness is not bound just in the world of still frame photography, he is able to capture those special

moments like no other. "

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