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Nach dem Eheversprechen lächeln Braut und Bräutigam, während der Mann seinen Kopf zu seiner Braut hinlegt. Michael Buescher Familie und Hochzeitsfotograf, Wien Österreich.

My heart flies to you and

flies back again

Vancouver and Vienna Weddings


Enjoy a best of selection of my wedding photography.

What clients say

We love Michael's work. He is a true artist, and his photos reflect his deep love of people and the craft.

Cannon Beach I Anniversary

Fairmont Pacific Rim I Wedding Day

Akali Singh Temple I A Sikh Wedding

UBC Engagement I Martha Piper Plaza

A beautiful bride stands on the steps of Liechtenstein Castle, near Vienna Austria.

Bridal Photography Session

Castle Liechtenstein

Every bride knows what she wants to have. The bridal photo session at Castle Liechtenstein shows what is possible! High style, fashion, romance even a little cinematic drama for some flair can all mix together.

As a photographer I put together all the elements and build the team for the perfect bridal photo experience.


IONA Beach I Love Story

Whyte Lake I After Wedding Shoot

KIWI COVE LODGE I Vancouver Island Wedding



How it works

It’s all about connecting with the photography and then connecting with the photographer. This is a professional and artistic trust. I have photographed everything from out of country elopements with passer-by as witnesses, to international destinations for exclusive wedding clientele. 

No matter the size of your gathering, the scale of your plans, the emphasis on quality and professionalism is always my top priority.


The guest seating area at a typical huge Indian wedding at VanDusen Botanical Gardens.
At each wedding guests dinner plate a small tribute to one fo the most important Indian gods: Ganesh

What to expect 

After a booking for your wedding date has been confirmed, we will schedule a full and detailed discussion of all your wedding day plans. This involves a little more than what you think but is essential for laying the groundwork and pre visualizing your wedding day. It's normal and expected for some plans, vendors or locations to change or evolve so we will again have a full review 2 - 4 weeks before the wedding date.  


Consultation services described are included within the scope of your wedding photography fees but if more planning assistance is needed it can be added to your wedding photography package. 

Aperfect manicure and pedicure for this bride on her wedding day.

The experience

I will be with you throughout the entire wedding day. It’s my job to take great photographs but also to be unobtrusive. Therefore, sometimes you will see me but other times you won’t. I will capture shots of the couple, event locations and details and I’ll be looking for opportunities to get photographs of key family members and guests. 

On your wedding day, it’s the couples opportunity to relax and enjoy. When this happens, I got you covered. This will make your wedding photography and your day simply wonderful.


A fial inspection of the bride and grooms dinner table.

The style

Stylistically I shoot what is commonly called reportage/documentary.

I am involved in looking, anticipating, moving and seeing. Shoot! I also compare my editing style to Dogma 95 where I use the environment in camera techniques rather than relying on too much digital processing filters or presets. In addition to reportage I also plan an array of set ups. Occasionally, I will help you with certain details to make things look perfect.

My shoots flow naturally and easily and feel like part of the magic of

the day.

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