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Personable, thoughtful and highly artistic – all of these traits are reflected both in Michael, himself and his wedding photography . His photos captured the intimacy of our elopement because they were natural, spontaneous and creative, not simply staged portraits. For many of our family and friends, the pictures were the only way that they could participate in the day. Michael met with us before the elopement first, to get know us, and to learn of our vision for the day.

Secondly he wanted to see the wedding ceremony location, so we met him on-site and walked through the areas where the ceremony would occur. Michael was patient, helpful and extremely enthusiastic about taking our photographs. During the ceremony, Michael was invisible. This allowed him to capture some very moving moments. Afterwards he took us down to the beach and we walked along the water in our bare feet. The sense of fun, spontaneity, and play was elegantly reflected in the composition of the final photographs. Michael was prompt in his preparation and presentation of the final album and weblink. Everyone who sees our wedding photos uses words like magical, striking, beautiful, and perfect. We couldn’t agree more.

Jabus and Dilara

From the very first meeting, we both knew we were going to love the end wedding photos Michael would be creating for us. We could tell Michael is very passionate about photography and he truly loves what he does. We found Michael's homepage searching through the internet, his work on the homepage itself was very impressive and eye catching. To us, Michael was very unique in that his work also involves film directing. Because his creativeness is not bound just in the world of still frame photography, he is able to capture those special moments like no other photographer. Our relatives from overseas were especially impressed at the amount of detail Michael pays attention to, to get the “perfect shot”. His black & white photo’s were beautiful and chique, color photo’s vivid & full of life. We could not have asked for more room our wedding photographer/artist! Thank you again for your beautiful photography work.

Jay and Asami

We had a lot of options for photographers for our wedding. We knew that we wanted someone who would capture the essence of who we were as individuals and as a couple. We didn’t want the ‘standard’ wedding photos that we saw in so many portfolios. So we went to Michael and asked him to do an engagement session with us. He took us to some amazing locales and caught moments when we were just being natural and loving. He was always full of energy and so patient. The photos were beautiful. We knew right away he would be perfect as our wedding photographer. Indian weddings are large, at times chaotic events, but Michael was always energized and looking to find the perfect moments. He took gorgeous photos of us and our guests. He captured moments that we had totally forgotten about or hadn’t even noticed on the day.

We love Michaels work. He is a true artist, and his photos reflect his deep love of people and of the craft. Thanks Michael!

Agam and Juan

Michael was great to work with from the beginning to end. His sincerity and professionalism really struck a chord with us, as nowadays you are hard-pressed to find both qualities in companies or people you hire. Michael patiently answered all of our questions (before and after our wedding) and offered us a variety of options so that we were able to stay within our budget.
On our wedding day, Michael effortlessly put our guests (and us) at ease and further surprised us by rattling off in German to our out of town family – they were so happy!
Michael’s thoughtfulness, calm nature and willingness to do so much for us, made our day that much more special - not to mention the beautiful photos he shot!
We can’t wait for Michael to capture the next step in our lives – babies!

Matt and Margherita

Working with Michael on our special day was a joy. He was always relaxed and always made time for another photograph even when chaos loomed! He made us feel really comfortable so much so that at the end of the day it felt like he was part of the family. A former dancer and now working in the film industry as a photographer, Michael's  artistry and professionalism really shone through for us. At the end of our wedding we didn’t only receive wedding pictures of our dream, we got a really good friend! He is highly recommended for any happy couple that is shopping for a wedding photographer. We couldn’t be any happier with what Michael has done for us. Thank you so much Michael!

Young and Gerald

Having Michael as our photographer was a wonderful experience. We met about 18 mths before we got married and he showed us his work and we were struck by his creativity and his ability to ‘capture the emotions’ of the day. His style is more about context and essence than it is about poses – we loved that about his work. Michael spent time getting to know who we were and what was important to us and that came through in both our engagement photos and our wedding photos. We loved the outcome and have an album of wonderful memories to treasure – thanks Michael!

Tara and David

Michaels' Personality
He said: Unique, Genuine, Patient & Fun
She said: Kind-hearted, Gentle, Silly & Sincere


Michaels' Talent
He said: Phenomenal, Spectacular, Emotional & Organic
She said: Honest, Perfection, Warm & Story-like

These 16 words above only scratch the surface of what Michael represents in our eyes. From day 1 we both knew that Michael would not only be our photographer at our wedding but a very important Guest. Michael has an incredible born talent like no other, his love for Photography not only shows in his Photographs but on his face every moment the Camera is in his hand. We highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to capture an Honest, Powerful and Warming Photojournalistic take on their important day.

Tairalyn and Sammy

Michael we can’t begin to thank you enough for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding. We love the fact that so many emotions were captured on our special day. You were a pleasure to work with, your professional attitude and keen eye for detail is what made our wedding photos so great and we’re continually reminded of this every time we look at them. We cannot believe the spot you found behind our venue, it looked so exotic, like a Louisiana Bayou. The fact that you took the time to see the importance of these details and compose the wedding photos in an interesting way is what made everything so memorable for us. Thanks again for everything Michael, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone and everyone.


Brian and Lisa

It poured rain on our wedding day and instead of getting married outside in a beautiful rose garden, we got married in an ugly event tent in the parking lot. We didn't even decorate the tent, we were really counting on good weather! Somehow Dean made the photos look bright and warm, he did some kind of camera magic and you can't even tell we are in a tent. People constantly ask me, where is this? Because it looks ethereal and amazing, not damp and cold. Dean saved my pictures from certain doom! 

What I wanted most for my wedding pictures were candid photos. So my wife and I walked through the rose garden, hand in hand, hit a few poses along the way, and Dean just hid in the foliage and snapped away. We didn't even know where he was half the time and the shots are unbelievable. We have so many beautiful pictures from different places in the garden, capturing small moments between us so perfectly.

It rained so hard on my wedding day that people had to leave early because their basements were flooding. The rain didn't bother Dean one bit, he never fretted or stopped shooting! Any less of a photographer and my pictures would have been completely ruined but thanks to Dean's amazing talent I have an entire album of beautiful, bright, warm photos of my entire day. Thank God for Dean that day!

There were many things about my wedding day that weren’t that important to me, but the very top of my list was GREAT PICTURES. I knew the day would be a blur and I really wanted those lasting memories that I could share with family and friends for years. Dean gave me those memories, but more than that, he sought them out, crafted them, and honored them. He somehow captured so many small meaningful moments, and now I have them forever.

Elise and Aynsley

Having Michael as our Wedding Photographer was everything we could have asked for. Not only is he a total professional photographer but also clearly a gentleman who feels like he belongs from another era; graceful, kind and always attentive. Our wedding was a big event but Michael never felt out of place, he was comfortable with all our guests, young and old, and moved easily around, when we saw him at all. Our photos were real, personal and pulsating with life and color, and full of surprise moments that could only come alive from the photographer behind the camera who saw things we never would have. Michael is someone who takes real care with his photography. We are grateful to Michael and the memories he made for us. We would highly recommend him to anyone, everyone.

Sarah and Dylan

When we began discussing our wedding photos with Michael, what was clear from the beginning was it was going to be a collaborative process. Michael communicated thoughtfully and thoroughly about his approach and his belief that the key to great photos was for him to invest time in getting to understand what the wedding couple needed, wanted and hoped for from the images that would represent their union. The attentiveness that followed was considerate, respectful, and spoke to the  professional and personal care that he puts into his work.

Michael was wonderfully creative in the way he captured our special event. We had a very elaborate 3 day wedding that covered multiple locations and Michael managed to capture the essence and flavour of the weekend skillfully. The result was a wonderful range of high quality photos that were dynamic and simply beautiful. 

Add to that the fact that during the entire event, Michael managed to get his camera up close and personal with us and our guests without ever feeling intrusive - it was like he was a fly on the wall the whole time catching multiple details and scenes that we never noticed. Looking at our photos later we found ourselves remarking on moments that we did not know had been caught on camera that were lovely and important moments in time. I think that is what stood out to us the most - we didn't have just a series of posed portraits but rather the essence and spirit of our wedding captured in its real moments. 

Thanks Michael!

Sian and Isabelle

One of the coolest things about Michael was the ease with which we got to know him before we even hired him for our wedding. He was very patient and understanding through our interview period which probably must drive a photographer nuts, not to mention how much time it took! We asked a ton of business and photographic questions we even wanted to see his cameras, lol because my husband knows a lot about photography as well. If we didn't exhaust him we certainly exhausted ourselves. :) Michael answered every question with the certainty of someone who knows his job backwards and forwards (and his camera technique as well). We were not surprised to love his photography work when he got the photos to us on time and exactly as expected. Certainly this is a job you must love, but more than that you kind of really have to like the people you are with no matter how demanding! Michael is really a people person and it shows. Damn good photographer as well!

Sylvia and Jeffrey

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