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Wedding Bells

Your wedding will be the focus of up to a years preparation, for one of the biggest events of you and your partners’ life. The photography will be an essential accompaniment to your magical day and the images will travel with you now and for all the years ahead, without which so much can be forgotten. Make for self the memories you want, by getting the photographer that inspires you.

A photograph of wedding rings on driftwood, Ambelside Beach, North Vancouver, BC © Michael Buescher Photography
A photograph of a newborn yawning as it wakes up in Mamas arms. © Michael Buescher Photography

Family Time

Family time with infants, lovers or a friends’ special outing can create a wonderful  opportunity for a photographic experience. I blend grace, artistry and visual passion to create a portfolio of special memories. Set aside the time to make something beautiful, because a photo session is about creating that unique time where you can be natural even vulnerable in front of the camera. This is when the photo magic happens.

Creative Projects

There is a lot of technical know how that is part of creating images for publication, but equal to that is understanding your audience, and the message and tone you want to create. I have had the good fortune to work in feature film and television production for over 15 years. This professional experience has been a great asset when working with my business clients and is an absolute necessity for crafting professional images for your story or brand.

Stylish mens weddign coat cutome tailred to suit your style. © Michael Buescher Photography
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