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It's easy to forget that digital images are backlit (computer phone or tablet) so they always look bright and the colours look rich. However, getting prints made correctly is another art form all together. I have worked with Renaissance Books (New York City) quite often in the past as they have been in the wedding print business for over 35 years and provide outstanding workmanship in materials printing and binding. Custom enlargements are printed with archival inks and are created exclusively at professional print houses. The art work you will receive is built to last a lifetime and then passed on to the next generation.

If you are interested in professional printing services, I am happy to sit down with you and plan the perfect end product. A variety of services are available please be as detailed in your request as possible or reach me by phone.

Stylized wedding double exposure photograph at Locarno Beach Vancouver Canada © Michael Buescher Elopement Photography/Michael Buescher Hochzeitenfotografie


All photography bookings and wedding packages are custom arranged for each couple or client.

Wedding packages are available a la carte from approximately 3000 Dollars (full day).​ 

Engagement or couple sessions are based on your wishes, and start from about 750 Dollars for a full session.​ Other options are available also just ask.

Please contact me here for more information or if you would like to book a comprehensive consultation.

In Laxenburg Park, pictured is the Grünes Lusthaus (1760) with Concordiatempel (1795) in the background - a stunning location for any wedding party photo session in any season! #michaelbuescherphotography


For interested couples, I provide complete services with those ready to receive the experience of the photographic arts. Whether you are in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest, or in Vienna, Austria or the surrounding areas I help to plan and coordinate the special details to accommodate your every request for your destination wedding. I provide both photography and videography options as well some services may include helping you find the best vendors and venues that match your destination wedding! I have many resources so don’t be shy to ask.


Of course I work with local couples and families in both cities and am excited to meet you no matter how big or small your wedding or photo project will be. The first step is to reach out to me so we can start the journey.

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